Get Found is changing 🤓

We’ve been helping brands and individuals grow their business for the past 10 years. In that time, the demands of our clients have changed. ALOT.  We decided a shake up was needed so we are currently splitting the business into 2 (maybe 3, depends how many beers are had).

What to expect in the future

These are some of the area we’ve been helping you, and going forward this is going to our main focus.

Graphic Design

Unlimited graphic design for a set monthly fee. Many of my clients have been testing the development of this service, but it’s time to take it main stream and it deserves it’s own dedicated brand to do so!


This is how we started out and don’t worry,  it’s not going away. We will still be offering content management, content production and SEO services under the Get Found name. It’s core to what we do, and we love it!

WordPress stuff

With SEO, we often end up rebuilding sites from the ground up rather than trying to patch problems and work with one hand tied behind out back. Going forward, we will be offering a full web design service.